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Lately shopping has it’s moments with me..sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not!

Right now some of my pants are too big on me!  How..what happened?  Okay yes I had two kids..and somehow I was back in a size 8..have I gone down to size 6 or has the clothing sizes changed again or something?  I hate that one store has like size 8 as this and then go to another store and it’s either smaller than the other store.  So weird.  I think it’s how the clothes are made!

So pants and all that will be a mission of me to shop!  Then skirts..I need to get some nice skirts. Trying to find a skirt that looks decent can be a challenge too.  I don’t want one that’s too short or toooooo long.  The joys of shopping.

Bra’s!…I need new ones since I the ones I have are too big.  I don’t think I’m back to my original size nor I’m not that size I was after having children. So….must find measuring tape and figure this all out!  Bra shopping can be a pain too to shop for. Either the style doesn’t fit right or the straps or something just doesn’t click with you..too big or too small..etc.   Just gotta shop away with that.  Such fun.

I think bodies change all the time and then you have to change your clothes and etc again.  Up and down you go!

I’m glad I gave up soda.  Although my downfall is chocolate….mmm chocolate!

Okay enough ranting tonight…off to dream land…But before I go, any of you out there have this problem too?  I think we all do somehow.

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