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Book Update

Finished Abandon by Meg Cabot……


Currently reading…When Rose Wakes and Torrent

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Currently Reading

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Click Point Love Book Review



BLURB what the book is about:

Best friends and fellow midwesterners Katie, Annie, Maxine, and Claudia are no strangers to dealing with love and relationships, but with online dating and social networking now in the mix, they all have the feeling they’re not in Kansas anymore. Katie, a divorced mother of two, secretly seeks companionship through the Internet only to discover that the rules of the dating game have drastically changed. Annie, a high-powered East Coast transplant, longs for a baby, yet her online search for a sperm donor is not as easy—or anonymous—as she anticipates. Maxine, a successful artist with a seemingly perfect husband, turns to celebrity gossip sites to distract herself from her less-than-ideal marriage. And Claudia, tired of her husband’s obsession with Facebook, finds herself irresistibly drawn to a handsome co-worker. As these women navigate the new highs and lows of the digital age, they each find that their wrong turns lead surprisingly to the right click and, ultimately, the connection they were seeking.

The cover caught my attention at first as I flipped it over to read what it was about.  I thought I’d give it a go.   As I read the book, it was different than my usual selection.  It was nice to read something different once in a while.  The book was unique to me and hit home to me in some places as well.   So if you are looking for something different then there ya go!

Cover Rating: A
Story Rating: B

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Reading at the moment…



At this moment I”m reading a book called Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber.  It is so good that every time I’m reading it, I want to read more!   But reality calls for me to go do things and such…I’m about half way through the book.  I cannot wait to see the ending of this book as well.   Will do an update when I’m completely done with the book!

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