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Dream Log 45.0

So I had another dream last night…this time was about another high school crush of mine.  Who was very interested in me but was married.  It was really really odd. He said if things didn’t work out that we could have had hooked up.  What the odd!

Then I was in this town as zombies appeared. I kept running here and there trying to find a way to escape along with a bunch of other people I did not know. Then zombies kept going here and there.   Along with that in play, there was a wedding as well. I was part of the wedding like a planner making sure things were going the right way. I felt like I was switching back and forth between the wedding and zombies.   Eventually I managed to get out of the zombie place town and building as there was blue skies and a playground.   I remember music playing and dancing was about..candle burning and then lots of bright colored clothes too.  Totally weird dream.



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