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Today’s Events

So today I managed to go outside and weed…I”ve never really done that before. Got my gloves and tool and off I go.  The weeds that I attacked were very sharp itchy weeds!  So I couldn’t actually pull them with my hands, so I used the tool I had to dig up the roots a bit and try to pull it from there.  Then of course I used the tool to pull them out as well.  I worked on one side as hubby worked on the other.  His technique was more like cut them at the top than the root. hahaha   We’ll see which side comes back quicker.

I also started a new book – Slide.

I cooked up chicken/cheese quesadillas for dinner.  Hubby and I ate most of them. The kids ate about half or so, although they did devour the apples that I chopped up.

So that’s a little bit of what I did today…

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