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Dream Log 45.0

So I had another dream last night…this time was about another high school crush of mine.  Who was very interested in me but was married.  It was really really odd. He said if things didn’t work out that we could have had hooked up.  What the odd!

Then I was in this town as zombies appeared. I kept running here and there trying to find a way to escape along with a bunch of other people I did not know. Then zombies kept going here and there.   Along with that in play, there was a wedding as well. I was part of the wedding like a planner making sure things were going the right way. I felt like I was switching back and forth between the wedding and zombies.   Eventually I managed to get out of the zombie place town and building as there was blue skies and a playground.   I remember music playing and dancing was about..candle burning and then lots of bright colored clothes too.  Totally weird dream.



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Mini update: Dream 22 and Other things

So another dream popped up again. This time I remember just moving one place to another.  Just go go go.  Lots of action going around.  Not sure if the ship popped up again from my last dream or not.  I can’t quire recall.  It was a pretty fun dream again.  Sadly no cute guys popping up in the dream but was nice to see my cute hubby in the morning though hahahaha

Other than the dream, I’m also trying to write a book.  Hopefully I can get more into it soon.  The ideas are starting to flow a great deal! How many words is a chapter?  How does one figure that out?  Any tips out there?   I know I should just write and write and write.  I tend to write a bit and then go back to reread it to make sure it sounds good.  Then sometimes I tweak it.  The joys of writing!  I love it.  I’m glad my creative spark has hit me well.

On top of being creative, I’ve also been reading tons of books. I just finished two books lately and will head on to another one.

Being a full time mom, I’m also playing with my boys too!  Kind of a handful at times with them. One wants this and the other wants that or they both want the same thing.  Such fun.   I lot amy boys.  So damn cute!


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Dream 20

So I had another dream last night…it was another Buffy episode but it was a made up one in my head…Willow, Oz, Angel, Buffy were there along with myself as we battling some type of demon.  I remember concentrate floors and darkness about. It was a pretty intense but cool dream.  I also remember wolves too.  Something about having dreams with action it, makes me feel alive.


Wish I could somehow take these dreams and write away with them…It’s hard to do that when I’m a full time mom and doing a bunch of other things.  Somehow I should make one day to write away with fiction!

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Dream #123



Another dream popped up..this time it was friends from NC looking for a place to live in Dekalb, IL.  So I introduced my NC friends to some people I know in Dekalb, IL as they helped them out in finding a place to live in.  We went to all kinds of different places of living arrangements.  Some fit and some didn’t.  I felt like I was in house hunters with houses and apartments.  We all stopped to get some noodles to eat with special soup and sandwiches.  It was a fun adventure.



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So dreams… is the update on what I had previous night and last night. I’m going to try to keep track of them on my blog as well.


Previous Night:
I dreamt about our annual Krause Open that was at this gorgeous lodge/cabin which was only 350 dollars for the entire event.  My Aunt Mary told me of this.   The lodge/cabin was out in the middle of no where in a stunning forest with pine trees everywhere and a mountain in the background.  The place had many rooms, bathrooms, fridge, a bar, was awesome.  Everyone was there.  I also remember a lake too somewhere.

Last night:
I dreamt about Cued Speech…That I attended another workshop and helped people out there. It was a nice one.  My old speech teacher Ann was there and so were my kids.  It was fun but hectic.  That’s all I can remember on that dream.

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Another dream and a question


So this morning I woke up with a pretty cool dream…well part of it was cool.  I first dreamt that I was at this cabin and hanging out as it started to pour.  Lots of lightning and thunder was included as well.  The cabin itself was nice.  I remember lots of water too.

As the dream kept on going, it somehow turned into mountains and lava.   I blame this on minecraft game.  My dreams never stay in one spot, they always keep changing.  So then there’s lava coming out of a house and had to get to safety.  Some dogs were there too.

After having all that, I was at David Boreanaz’s wedding with his wife as they were renewing their vows. Where did this come from? I have no clue but it was totally cool! It wasn’t a big wedding, just a nice size one and all.  Everyone looked amazing.   After the wedding was over, it was more low key type of thing and all.    Then I was at a booth where I was sitting with 4 other people.  Those 4 people were 2 girls I had no clue who they were, David and his wife Jaime.   We all just hung out, chatted, drank wine and kept giving each other a hard time about things.  It was all good.  As we all get ready to leave, someone left their wallet at the table so I managed to get up to the front desk and returned it as it belonged to one of the girls.  Walking down the hallway  as I headed back to my room.

Later in my dream I ended up with another ring on my middle finger on my right hand.  It was a cute little heart diamond ring.

So what does this all mean?  Other than hanging out with some cool people..hahahaha   Well the question that popped in my head was: Would you renew your vows?   What are your thoughts on that?    For myself, maybe! One has to keep that love burning away, not an easy thing to do.

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Another Dream



Last night I had another dream about a childhood friend of mine.  To this day I wonder where she is as I’ve tried to find her a little bit.  We knew each other from 2nd grade and then met up again in 5th grade and had been best friends up til our freshman year in high school  Once high school started, we kind of drifted apart since we were both at different high schools due to border lines of where you were suppose to go to school.

So in my dream, I was trying to track her down.  Trying to find her house that she grew up in back in Illinois.  It was strange because on the street she lived, the houses changed.  They were bigger and better than what they were in the past.  Plus there was a creek near by that has fast current, so if you feel in the creek you’d be swept away.  So in my dream I was in the street trying to find the house, then someone else that was helping me, fell in the creek but I managed to save that person as well.    Before I was in the street, I was at a school too.  Strange dream.

Now that I think about it, before finding my friend,  part of my dream was dealing with an elevator that was going up and down at this hotel and then at a mall.  Strange.

So now I wonder what my dream meant…should I try to track my friend down?  I wonder if anyone back in Illinois would help me out?




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