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Dream 3.0


Well had another dream a few days back….I was in Vampire Diaries and I was Klaus long lost love. It was a quick dream but fun.  That would be awesome for it to happen in real life hahaha  Yes I am a fan of Vampire Diaries.

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Dream 21

So another dream popped into my head last night…..

I was dreaming of running on this boat. It was more like an action dream that was never ending. One moment I”m here and then the next I’m over there.  I’m on ship I believe. This fancy ship where I’m at a party and chatting away with tons of people.  I managed to spy a cute guy that looks like Justin Hartley!  Whoo whoo.  That guy is a hottie.  So I ended up hanging out with him for a bit as he seemed really nice and all.  Then someone falls from the balcony and dies.   The body was a man I think and was already dead. Chaos begins.  People were freaking out who would be next.  I myself was worried as I grabbed something to drink and then somehow was in a store getting items..wrapping paper I believe it was.  I don’t know why.   Next thing you know I”m on a train with a group of people and Justin is there again in the background.  So the train keeps going and then I ended up in a hotel room where there is chocolates which I devoured.   Then I’m off to inspecting another room as I cross an elevator to get to it.  This room was like a secret room.  I was there for a while and then decided to leave as I cross over the elevator again but I’m in water.  I needed to be rescued as a boat comes out and manages to get me safely.  Somehow I thank the guy who helped me and off I go again. I managed to run as fast as I can to get back on the ship as I meet up with Justin again.


Okay I have no clue what this dream was about but it was fun!

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Some people dream when they are asleep and some don’t.  I tend to have a variety of dreams here and there which tend t be action dreams like almost action movies.  There is always action going on.  Whether it’s running for my life, or fighting the bad guys, it always seem to be cool.   What do you dream about?  Do you remember your dreams?

Last night  I dreamt about my family hanging out as we always do each year but it was at Europe in this modern cabin.  It was a fun dream but then it would change a bit to an adventure walking through Europe and then meet back again at the cabin. My one grandmother was there which was nice to see her since she passed away.

Dreaming about people or family that has passed means a lot to me. It makes me feel that we are still connected and that we are always thinking about them as well.  I sometimes think it’s a hello from them.  (Yes I am a geek and all..)

Most of my other dreams tend to have vampires, bad guys or an adventure. There are other dreams I’ve had like one was that I was fighting the bad guys with a stick and knew karate to fight them off.  Another one was that I was a spy in this building that turned into a museum and then was running for my life as well as fighting the bad guys.  I had this horror dream once which I still can remember as it was zombies at his old place that was a bar and medical building. There was a river too but once inside the building you had to get out and zombies and supernatural elements were after you.  It was dark too.  I did managed to escape but had fallen in the river where it was cold.  I could go on and on about the dreams I remember.

What’s the earliest dream do you recall when you were a child?

For me it was the age of five!  I remember dreams of buffalo roaming the area where we lived at the time which was Nebraska.  Then another one as I was in the woods with a  mouse who talked to me and then a bobcat showed up trying to go after the mouse but ended up going after me as it took a big bite in my shoulder as I saw blood and bones.   Strange dreams huh?   I even remember one of Dark Vader which blew up my teacher.

I used to record my dreams when I was younger and still remember them here and there.  As for now I don’t although might be a good idea to do it again.  What do you think?


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