Attracted to items

15 Mar

So I thought about this today..what things are you attracted to in items?

For me its in general;

  1. Books
  2. Crosses – jewelry
  3. Vampires
  4. Art – fantasy & gothic
  5. Turtles – jewelry & art

Some I know are attracted to shoes or makeup or clothes. I”ve never really been the type for clothes.  I’m more geared towards simple and fun clothes!  Shoes never been really my thing but I do have a few pair that I can find that are decent and cute.  Everyone is attracted to something. I used to collect Charming Tails but now I’ve outgrown that phase (Long time now)!  Everyone had something.  What are yours?

So from my list….Books! I love books. The cover art and stories that fill your imagination is amazing!  I have a pile of books that I”m trying to get through.

Crosses…for the longest time I’ve had a fascination with crosses in regarding to jewelry.  I would love to own more of that and to wear them more.

Vampires..okay my mother always said that I would outgrow the vampire phrase thing..obviously she was wrong.  Ever since I saw the movie “The Lost Boys”  I like vampires.   Books, movies and art with vampires are awesome. 🙂

I love art…especially gothic and fantasy art!

Turtles…been a favorite of mine for the longest time.  Turtle pendants rule!  🙂

So what are your favorite things that you are attracted to?

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