Mini update: Dream 22 and Other things

12 Mar

So another dream popped up again. This time I remember just moving one place to another.  Just go go go.  Lots of action going around.  Not sure if the ship popped up again from my last dream or not.  I can’t quire recall.  It was a pretty fun dream again.  Sadly no cute guys popping up in the dream but was nice to see my cute hubby in the morning though hahahaha

Other than the dream, I’m also trying to write a book.  Hopefully I can get more into it soon.  The ideas are starting to flow a great deal! How many words is a chapter?  How does one figure that out?  Any tips out there?   I know I should just write and write and write.  I tend to write a bit and then go back to reread it to make sure it sounds good.  Then sometimes I tweak it.  The joys of writing!  I love it.  I’m glad my creative spark has hit me well.

On top of being creative, I’ve also been reading tons of books. I just finished two books lately and will head on to another one.

Being a full time mom, I’m also playing with my boys too!  Kind of a handful at times with them. One wants this and the other wants that or they both want the same thing.  Such fun.   I lot amy boys.  So damn cute!


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