Dream 21

11 Mar

So another dream popped into my head last night…..

I was dreaming of running on this boat. It was more like an action dream that was never ending. One moment I”m here and then the next I’m over there.  I’m on ship I believe. This fancy ship where I’m at a party and chatting away with tons of people.  I managed to spy a cute guy that looks like Justin Hartley!  Whoo whoo.  That guy is a hottie.  So I ended up hanging out with him for a bit as he seemed really nice and all.  Then someone falls from the balcony and dies.   The body was a man I think and was already dead. Chaos begins.  People were freaking out who would be next.  I myself was worried as I grabbed something to drink and then somehow was in a store getting items..wrapping paper I believe it was.  I don’t know why.   Next thing you know I”m on a train with a group of people and Justin is there again in the background.  So the train keeps going and then I ended up in a hotel room where there is chocolates which I devoured.   Then I’m off to inspecting another room as I cross an elevator to get to it.  This room was like a secret room.  I was there for a while and then decided to leave as I cross over the elevator again but I’m in water.  I needed to be rescued as a boat comes out and manages to get me safely.  Somehow I thank the guy who helped me and off I go again. I managed to run as fast as I can to get back on the ship as I meet up with Justin again.


Okay I have no clue what this dream was about but it was fun!

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