Drive thru Restaurants and being Deaf

24 Feb


So a friend of mine suggested someone named Patrick Hughes from Inclusion my friend had him visit her school.  So I looked it up online and came across this while browsing through the website:


Well..that’s kind of neat. I know McDonalds as a screen that you can view the order..why not have a touch screen for deaf people to use to order if they can’t verbally speak into the speakers?  The technology is out there for that, isn’t it?

I hate going through the drive thru because I can’t really understand the speaker when they ask questions.  It’s a voice that I”m not used to hearing and then with the car running making extra noises, makes it a tad hard at times.  I can order the food and all that, no problem there!


Found an article regarding to the Order Assist:


What you all think?

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One response to “Drive thru Restaurants and being Deaf

  1. Richie

    February 24, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    The Taco Bell in Huntington Beach had a touch screen for orders ten years ago. Nobody used it and it was a $10,000 loss. The irony is I’m deaf and I would walk straight up to the cashier while others would try to figure out the screens. Much quicker that way.


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