22 Feb



So dreams… is the update on what I had previous night and last night. I’m going to try to keep track of them on my blog as well.


Previous Night:
I dreamt about our annual Krause Open that was at this gorgeous lodge/cabin which was only 350 dollars for the entire event.  My Aunt Mary told me of this.   The lodge/cabin was out in the middle of no where in a stunning forest with pine trees everywhere and a mountain in the background.  The place had many rooms, bathrooms, fridge, a bar, was awesome.  Everyone was there.  I also remember a lake too somewhere.

Last night:
I dreamt about Cued Speech…That I attended another workshop and helped people out there. It was a nice one.  My old speech teacher Ann was there and so were my kids.  It was fun but hectic.  That’s all I can remember on that dream.

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