Twitter and Celebrities

17 Feb




If you haven’t heard of Twitter then you may be living in a different world.  Most people know of Facebook and MySpace and social networks for dating but Twitter?  Have you heard of it?

I’m on there since amy lovely husband got me hooked on it. I’m on there to  socialize with people.

Celebrities are on there.  Somehow it is kind of nice to see how they are doing and for them to keep in touch with their fans and friends as well.   How often do they use Twitter? I would say it depends on their schedule just like the rest of us.

How often do I get a celebrity to respond to me?  Very rare!  I’ve had one singer reply to me in regards to his birthday which was Bryan White who’s an amazing singer!  I have all his music except one that I need to get.  His voice rocks!  His Twitter account is:  @bryan_white    I’m not the kind who goes after celebrities for attention.  If it’s someone’s birthday, it’s nice to get a reply to that.

Authors to me are celebrities because they come up with such amazing stories for the world to read!  So I have gotten a few replies back from them and it usually makes my day as well!   I can’t name them all off hand of the authors I follow but I”m pretty sure you can find most on there.

How often do I use Twitter?  Depends on my schedule..some days more than others…it all depends on what I”m doing.  If I’m with my kids, I’m probably not on Twitter that much. If I”m traveling, I’ll use Twtitter for an update.  I also use it to see how others are doing in life.  It’s always nice to say hello the world out there!

Do you use Twitter?   What you think of it?

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