the time traveling fashionista

14 Feb

I picked this book out from my wish list on amazon and used my lovely gift card from my SIL and brother!  The cover of this book was stunning when I first saw it in person.  The main reason I got this book was because of time traveling!

I dove into this book to reading about Louise Lambert’s adventure!  The story was quick, fun and held my attention the entire time.  I wanted to know what was going to happen next!    There are beautiful illustrations in this book regarding to fashion which tied in with the story when Louise would see the dresses.  When the story took a turn into the history of the Titanic event, it was more awesome.  I do like stories regarding to the Titanic for some reason.  History makes great stories even if they are real or not.  It took me a day to read this book and I look forward to the next one in this series.

Publishers Weekly
Seventh-grader Louise Lambert—obsessed with vintage clothing, but with only a few vintage outfits to her name—longs for excitement in her life. It arrives in the form of a mysterious invitation to the Traveling Fashionista Vintage Sale. When Louise finds the perfect dress there with the help of some eccentric saleswomen, she discovers that the “traveling” part of the sale is literal: upon trying on the dress, Louise passes out and awakens in the body of Alice Baxter (the dress’s former owner), a silent film star and currently a passenger on the Titanic. At first Louise enjoys her luxurious new life, not to mention wardrobe, but when she realizes she is on the ill-fated ship, she is up against the clock to either change the course of history or return home before it’s too late.

Cover Rating: A
Story Rating: A

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