Dying young

13 Feb


It sad when people die young..whether it’s to addiction, to medical conditions or accidents. I know people that have died too early to medical conditions and accidents and that’s just heart breaking.  Accidents can happen at the spur of the moment and you have no time to prepare for it.  With medical conditions you may have a chance to extend your life and be free of it but there’s always a chance it may not work and one can prepare for dying.  Then there’s addictions which I guess people get so caught up in it that they don’t realize that they could be gone the next day?

Dying is never easy I think.  Unless you lived a long life or one where you lived life to the fullest, then maybe it’s a bit easier to let go.

Singers that die from addiction, can’t people stop them?  Don’t they know they are getting themselves into  a hole? I wonder..was there anyone around to actually scare the crap out of them not to do it?   I know addictions can be hard to beat.

So many people have left this world too early and should be here a tad longer to finish things and the forth.

Just some thoughts going around in my head.

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