Valentine’s Day, what’s your plan?

10 Feb


As you know Valentine’s Day is coming up…so what’s on your agenda for that day?

Roses seem to be a hit with a number of people.  I love them and they’re pretty!  I’ve gotten roses from my husband quite a bit when we were dating and such and for Valentine’s Dayl.  Flowers are a hit.  Although not everyone likes flowers or could be allergic to them!

Then there’s chocolate…soooo many choices to pick from.  I don’t mind the chocolates but they’d go pretty fast in this house I think. Between my husband and I.  Then there are people out there who doesn’t want chocolate or could be allergic to it or is watching their weight.

Jewelry..can’t go wrong with that either.  For me I think something unique would fit well with this day.  The one necklace I have is a heart necklace that my husband bought from Croatia is awesome.  I have no clue why I love it but I do. It’s different.  Heart necklaces are a cool thing for myself.   I like gothic things too and then sweet side of things.  Yeah I’m all over the place.  But unique jewelry might be the key.  Sometimes just getting something small is awesome too!   Everyone’s different.

Cards..I love cards.  I’d be happy getting cards from anyone!  Cards rule.

It’s the thought that counts for this day I think..then again it should be everyday to tell someone you love them!   Listen to your other on what things they like or hobbies or something they want, pick up on it..and then surprise them with it.   Be creative!

Now if you’re going the sexy route for ooh la la night and all…have fun with it!  You could do a whole romantic thing with a walk on the beach or set up a tent at night and camp outside basking in the night sky.  To get away, head a hotel for the night and order room service.  Bask in the love!  Go dancing or to a fancy restaurant.   Put on a dancing show for your other could work too.

I’m just throwing ideas out here..why? I have no clue…just felt like it.

So what are your plans for this holiday?


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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day, what’s your plan?

  1. Hidama

    February 10, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Since my boyfriend and I both have birthdays around Valentine’s Day, we’ve forgone the Valentine’s Day traditions (Or we’d be really broke!). Instead we’re going to have a simple dinner at his place, and watch a favorite film.

    That being said, I love yellow or white roses, and I still have fresh white roses he gave me for my birthday!

    Got any “ooh la la!” ideas?

  2. Lisa

    February 11, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Now I wanna see that necklace!! In the past I’ve gotten roses, not the typical colors, fire and ice ones! My favorite! Lately we do more of a date thing. Which is nice because it snaps us out of the routine ruts.


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