Being Deaf and Music

10 Feb

Been thinking today on music.  I love it!  A part of me wishes I could be a singer but I doubt it that could ever happen. Although I tend to write lyrics but sadly no clue how to go about adding music to it.

You are probably wondering how a deaf person like me could hear the music???  Well with my hearing aids, of course.   I just hear it..probably a bit different than the hearing folks do.  If there’s a song I really like, I will get the lyrics and listen to the song over and over and somehow memorize it.  So if I hear it on the radio or some place else, I will recognize it.   Of course I may sing along with it, but I rarely do that with people around me. Go figure…hahaha Maybe I sound weird?

Yes I have an iTunes account and I listen to it all the time along with my iPhone and cd player in the car. I used to have tape player too.  hehe

Yes I admit and still do listen to NKOTB and dance to it and sing to it!  Heck still listen to Tiffany and sing her songs.  I could go on and on about music.  It’s fascinating…anyone who makes it or plays it…it’s amazing!   Heck I tried to sing Mariah Carey’s early way I can sing that hahaha Hrmms Footloose soundtrack from the 80s still rocks my boat.  Well yes my music ranges from all over the place..oldies to country to new age to metal to alternative to pop.

All the music that was played for the musical events in high school was awesome..the bands, the dancing and the plays.  I loved it all.   Sure I bet there were some songs I didn’t know the words to but I enjoyed it.  I have no clue why this popped in my head but it did!

So that’s a bit about me..Music has its ways.

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