Hot coco

06 Feb




So what’s your favorite hot coco?   Homemade hot coco was made here today which was yummy but a tad bitter.   Why was it bitter?  Oh look the expiration date on the cocoa was 2009, and what year is it now?  Answer: 2012.   So the cocoa is a bit bitter but still good in its own way.  So perhaps a new cocoa is on my list of things to get for the house?

Homemade hot coco is better than the store bought.  Some store bought seem to have maloxdextrin in it or sucralose.   Both are like artificial  sweeteners which I do not want to be eating.   I read the ingredients to find sucralose on the hot cocos which did not make me happy.    I wonder if the other hot coco’s out there at restaurants and such would realize homemade is better than pre packing ones that have artificial sweeteners in it?

Why not have regular hot coco with no artificial sweeteners in it and then ones with it?

Having a hot coco is always a great thing to drink. Nice and warm and it’s chocolatey!  Mmmm chocolate.  So the next time you have one, think about what would be in your hot coco?   Perhaps whip up your own and see how it tastes.



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