Dancing classes this weekend by Wicked Enchantment

05 Feb



So Saturday and today…I took two dance classes.  Saturday was the fast and sexy dance!  Sunday (today) was the slow and sexy dance.    The place is called Wicked Enchantments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   Here’s their website:

Let’s start off with Saturday’s events.  So I managed to find the place as they moved to a new location which is where the one bead store used to be!  Awesomeness.  So got in the place and there were about 6 of us together to learn the fast and sexy routine.  Our instructor was great!  She was very friendly, funny and informative about the routine.  The song was quite sexy and naughty at the same time.  It is called “The Naughty Song” by Cory Lee.  Here is the link on youtube:

So we were dancing here and there, on the floor, back up and then flipping a chair and then on the chair here and there…quite a workout!   Hopefully I can remember it and then try to perform it. Maybe put it on  video for all to see.  Yeah let’s see how bad I look? Or perhaps how sexy I look? hahaha    So when I came home, I was tired along with being in mommy mode and battling an evil cold.

Sunday came …(today) I was soooooo sore this morning!  Although before I headed off to dance, I cooked up breakfast for myself and my lovely boys.  Then off I went.   The dance was slower…A song by Portishead.. ( )  The song was quite sexy and sweet.  Took us all awhile to get into it. This class was a bit bigger. There were 8 of us this time.    Sexy and sweet with a touch of naughty in it.  It’s all about visual and being sexy and teasing.     I had the same instructor as I did yesterday which was fun as always.  We all had a great time.  Hopefully I can show off that routine as well.

Now that I have two routines stuck in my head, I need to practice this.  Considering I”m mega sore at the  moment, I’m not sure how sexy I’d feel doing them. Perhaps in a day or two?   Who knows who would want to see this?  I know my husband would. hehehe

So if you want something fun and sexy…check out a place like Wicked Enchantments.  Dancing is sexy and fun. Even pole dancing as well.  Do your best and have fun!  Life should be fun at times.  Both dancing and pole dancing take work too.

See ya on the wild side!

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