Another dream and a question

03 Feb


So this morning I woke up with a pretty cool dream…well part of it was cool.  I first dreamt that I was at this cabin and hanging out as it started to pour.  Lots of lightning and thunder was included as well.  The cabin itself was nice.  I remember lots of water too.

As the dream kept on going, it somehow turned into mountains and lava.   I blame this on minecraft game.  My dreams never stay in one spot, they always keep changing.  So then there’s lava coming out of a house and had to get to safety.  Some dogs were there too.

After having all that, I was at David Boreanaz’s wedding with his wife as they were renewing their vows. Where did this come from? I have no clue but it was totally cool! It wasn’t a big wedding, just a nice size one and all.  Everyone looked amazing.   After the wedding was over, it was more low key type of thing and all.    Then I was at a booth where I was sitting with 4 other people.  Those 4 people were 2 girls I had no clue who they were, David and his wife Jaime.   We all just hung out, chatted, drank wine and kept giving each other a hard time about things.  It was all good.  As we all get ready to leave, someone left their wallet at the table so I managed to get up to the front desk and returned it as it belonged to one of the girls.  Walking down the hallway  as I headed back to my room.

Later in my dream I ended up with another ring on my middle finger on my right hand.  It was a cute little heart diamond ring.

So what does this all mean?  Other than hanging out with some cool people..hahahaha   Well the question that popped in my head was: Would you renew your vows?   What are your thoughts on that?    For myself, maybe! One has to keep that love burning away, not an easy thing to do.

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