Spider Story – Get a chuckle out of it

31 Jan



So I figured to share this story since my husband got a chuckle out of it.  As I headed home from Chicago, driving away as I listened to music in the car.  I was out on the highway as usual, then suddenly I saw a spider crawling on my windshield!  Big creepy legs moving across so slowly as I freaked out!  I couldn’t tell if it was inside or outside of the car.  So I managed to pull over as I then quickly looking for something to kill it or get it out of my car.  I moved the visor to find it and it was gone! I totally freaked, looking around inside my car where the heck did the spider go???   Then looking on the floor, on myself and then stepped out of the car for two seconds looking around but no luck.  I took a deep breath and got back in the car.  Obviously it disappeared!  Perhaps it was on the outside and not in?   So then buckled up and all, headed back on the road towards home. I never saw the spider again.    Freaky!!

Got any freaky spider stories??

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