31 Jan



So this past weekend I managed to bring home some Fannie May chocolates which were sinful as always.   It got me thinking on what is your favorite candy out there?  I think Fannie May is one of my favorites along with a few others.

So I typed in candy in the google search engine to see what would pop up!  I found this link:

As I scroll down the page…here are some that I have had in the past:  Bubble Gum Cigarettes, Candy Buttons on Tape, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Corn, Candy Necklaces, Chiclets Gum, Chocolate Gold Coins, Coconut Slices, Gum Drops, Gummi Bears, Gummi Worms, Hershey bars, Jelly Belly, Kit Kat, Mr GoodBar, Pastel Party Mints, PB Reese Cups, Peeps, Raisinets, Sixlets, Skittles, Snickers, Spree, Sweettarts, Tootsie Rolls, Turtles, Twizzlers, Watermelon Slices, and Wax Bottles.

I’m sure I could name more if I sat here and thought about it…like M&Ms & Mounds or even Heath Bars.

Fruit slices is always something that sticks out in my head because I would get those once in a while for a special treat.  There’s a local candy store in Iowa City here near the college that has those!  I treat myself to those once in a blue moon!

Then there are the fancy candies like Fannie May, Godiva, Frango Chocolates (Marshall Fields/Macy’s), Russell Stover  and etc…those are so yummy. I”m not a fan of the nut ones, but the creams, chocolates, truffles or caramels..mmm yummy!   Some toffees are good and even the dark chocolates.  🙂

What is your favorite candy??

I typed in Nestle and then somehow ended up finding this kind of chocolate called Maison Cailler:

There’s tons of candy stores and companies out tell me yours. Give in to the chocolate side!

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