What is Cued Speech?

30 Jan


Cued Speech Program Book Jan 27-29


Cued Speech is a mode of communication based on the phonemes and properties of traditionally spoken languages. Cueing allows users who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have language/communication disorders to access the basic, fundamental properties of spoken languages through the use of vision.

More information is at the website:

So I attended the social event called Cues on Tap where everyone hung out and talked.  That was fun. Although I wished I could have stayed downtown to hang out.  Perhaps the next time they have a major seminar about it, I could do it.  Although it depends on a lot of things for me to travel!    (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in previous posts..sorry if I have!)

Anyways, the next one I sat in was the Panel which had a next generation of parents with their kids going through Cued Speech and all.  I sat there thinking how long ago when my parents did this and so many others that I know of.  It’s neat to see.  Then the 2nd panel was young adult of my age and a bit younger talking about their experience.  Sadly I wasn’t on it.  I don’t know why I wasn’t on it, perhaps the next one.  And my other friend S wasn’t on it either. We both wondered who made the decision on this.  It should have included us and a few others as well.

After this event, I am hoping my husband will finally get to learn to Cue. hehehe   He keeps telling me I have to teach him. Well, whenever I pick a time, he’s either too tired or wants to do something else. Hahaha!  So I told him my hs friend bought dvd set on how to cue again and he was curious on that. So I looked around to find some links and sent them his way.  Hope he had a chance to look today! (He was a tad swamped with work today on a big issue)


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