Downtown Trip Take 2

29 Jan


So this afternoon, I decided to head on downtown again for the lectures about Cued Speech and the social aspect!   I got my good friend from high school to come along as she drove down.  The drive was fun but there was lots of traffic.  We weren’t in a rush for we had time.  We both saw all kinds of cars and trucks and buses on our way down.  Somehow the exit we were suppose to get off at was blocked off due to construction, our lovely gps kept telling us to go that way, so we went on an adventure.  We both had an idea where we were going.  Finally after going in the right direction, our lovely gps recalculated and managed to find the hotel – Chicago Hilton off of  S. Michigan Ave.

We drove by my other friend’s apt as we were going to go visit him after we parked in the parking garage.  We got the parking garage as the gate opened up after getting the ticket.  Up the ramp we go.  My friend drove of course and it was quite a narrow ramp. We kept our eyes peeled looking for a spot!  As we reached to level 5, a spot appeared for us.  Parked the car, got out and walked to the elevator and then headed off to my friend’s apt.

Well the sun was out with blue skies but the wind nipped at use while we walked to his place.  Whoo wheee.  I was glad I brought my other coat today with a hood on it.  So we were walking and walking and I”m like this is not what I saw last night so we were one block over from his apt which I had a quick wit about where we were.  Once we got to his place, he had just woken up!  It was so funny.  So up to his place we went as his dog was barking at the door. I had a hunch he didn’t have his hearing aids in.  So we waited a bit until he came to the door.  He then said hello and scooted off to get dressed and all.   Then another friend popped up with someone else as we all walked back to the hotel for the event.

Of course we were all thinking we were going to be late.  Entering the room, the speaker was running late in his presentation but that was okay.  It was fascinating to hear a bit about his findings and all.  The set up was amazing.  It had a Cued Speech transliterator, Sign Language Interpreter and CART up on the screen to read.  Plus the speaker also had a power point prevention as well.  Lots of visuals everywhere!  My eyes kept jumping all over the place to know it all.

When that speaker was done, the panel started. The first group was parents of younger kids that used Cued Speech and how it helped them.  Then the second group was kids who are young adults now that used Cued Speech and still does these days.  It was all fascinating to hear their stories.  Sadly I wasn’t on the panel because I didn’t know about it until the last moment and I was out of town.  Perhaps the next time they host an event like this, I will go.  It all depends on a number of things for me to travel.

Then ti was done for the day.  They had a reception afterwards of wine and cheese which didn’t appeal to me at the moment.  Although there was some socializing going on which I attended to.  It was nice to see some old faces and some new ones.  While I was socializing, my high school friend bought dvd on how to cue.  She is going to give it another shot!  She took Cued Speech classes but then after that was done, I had to move so we really didn’t get a chance to get her to practice more.  So I’m hoping the dvd and whatever else she bought would help her!

Then another thought popped in my mind, isn’t there a place online where we all can keep in touch?  I know Facebook has some and National Association of Cued Speech has their website..but are we all on there together?  Perhaps there is a way so we all can keep in touch with old and new faces on Cued Speech or even what we are doing in life.

I never thought there would be more people out there in the world that use Cued Speech and I’m glad!  It should be known to the world. It should be an option out there for those who want to use it.

For now I must stop for I am tired and I can’t think anymore. Perhaps another entry will be written about this event and all.

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