Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

29 Jan



So tonight after my trip downtown with my good high school friend, we decided we were hungry and wanted to eat closer to home.  Cooper’s Hawk was new to the area and decided to give it a go!   Once we entered the spacious restaurant, there was wine bottles set up for display from white to read to desert wine and so on.  It was a very nice social area.  I spied a bottle that looked so good that I wanted to try it somehow.  First my friend went up to see how long the wait was, they replied 1 hour.  So we decided to stay.   Both of us were starving and hoped the wait would be quicker than 1 hour.  They hostess gave us a buzzer thing as we explored the social area seeing deserts displayed and bottles of wine. We both spied a wine tasting bar.

My first thought was the wine is going to taste all the same to me which was the alcohol!  Every time I have wine, it is too bitter for me or all I can taste is the alcohol.  Straight off the waitress there or wine taster helper was awesome!  Very friendly and nice and informative!  So first I tried the Peach wine..and let met tell you I was in heaven!!!  Oh my god..a wine that I can drink.  It’s sweet and I barely could taste the alcohol.  So yes there is a wine out there for me.  Whoo whoo.  Then my 2nd taste was Blueberry wine as my friend tried it too. She liked it but I didn’t it.  It packed a punch for me somehow. I cannot explain it but gave it a pop in my mouth.  Then the 3rd one was Raspberry wine for myself where I loved the smell of it but the taste was not as good as the Peach.  If I had to rate it what I tasted so far at this point, it would be: 1. Peach, 2. Raspberry,  3. Blueberry….  Then my last one at the wine tasting bar was Peach Sparkling which I did not like at all.   My friend also tried an Almond Sparkling which she liked and then a Moscotio wine.  I wanted to try the plum but our buzzer buzzed!

So off to dinner we went.  Although my friend did sign up for the wine club there. She’s going to give it a few months to see how it goes.  As we checked in at the front desk, our cute waiter who was a redhead took us to tour table.  The place is spacious and modern.  As we sat down, we were handed these huge menus that had an amazing descriptions of the food!  Great thing to see.  The menu was very nice.  Our waitress explained a few things from the menu.  If you see a feather by it, it’s a chef speciality and if you see like BIF 67 or something like that then it’s a wine that would be great to have with the meal.

I did ask the waitress if I could try the Plum wine.  Yes I had 2 free samples and then ordered some Plum wine with my meal.  My friend ordered a steak with broccoli and mashed potatoes. Myself I ordered a chicken with asparagus, mashed potatoes, artichokes and then the sauce was amazing.  Our plates were huge and the food was hot and yummy.  Although both our vegetables (broccoli and asparagus) were both a bit crunchy.   Plus we did get some bread which had a pretzel taste to it, was hot, nice and yummy.   We also both had water with dinner tonight as well.

While we were leaving I wondered if they had any mini wine bottles that I could take home. Sadly they don’t.  I was going to get one for my brother’s girlfriend to see if she liked it or not.   Then my friend who got a wine club membership, purchased a Peach Wine bottle and gave it to me since I live out of town. That was awesome of her!  So now I have to drink wine.

My friend and I would go to this place again!   It was fun to hang out and test out some wines together and chat til we had to eat.  Great food, great fun.

Here is the link to the restaurant:



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