Downtown Chicago Trip

28 Jan


Friday: I headed downtown Chicago to meet up with a good friend of mine where we then headed off to Cues on Tap social event at Kitty O’Shea’s Restaurant which was at the Hilton in Chicago off of Michigan Ave.  I had such a good time meeting old and new friends!

It was all about being social and having a good time.  Of course the big part of it was about Cueing!  It seemed like most knew cueing  about cueing and was learning more about it.   Then sign language jumped in too.  As you know I grew up with Cued Speech and it is a big part of my life to this day.  I’m thankful for my parents for going with this method with my deafness.  On the other hand I’m aware of sign language as well as I learned it later in life for a foreign language and to socialize with other deaf people who knew sign.

I like to use both.   To some that is a big no no.  Well why not use all the resources out there to benefit yourself and others? There’s always been a big controversy over which communication barrier is better than the other.  I’ve sat on panels where one end would argue with the other end and just thought it was dumb.  If it works for you then that’s great but don’t put down other methods that works well for others.

The trip downtown was fun: took the metro train and then a friend picked me up and then we walked.  It is always fun to see the city!  Quite an adventure….

More to come.

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