Minecraft Tonight

26 Jan


So tonight after the kids were asleep, hubby taught me mine craft again.  As I sat there..I remembered some of the basic commands on how to move, jump, to see and how to use a sword or a pick to get things.  I was in the easy mode so I could get used to it all and so forth.  Of course it’ll take me time to remember the formulas to make stuff in the furnace and etc.

So while I explored..I managed to try to build a building, which looks okay so far, not best. Hubby builds a heck a lot better!  So I did that, then I went exploring in the stone area to find more things!  I found coal first! Whoo whoo….then Iron which was cool to see then some more coal a later.  Sweet!  Obviously no gold yet which I’m sure I need to dig deeper.   Then I also found water which was cool but got squished by it for a few minutes as then I plugged it back up.

It was a nice little adventure here and there. So far so good..hopefully to play more when I can.  Perhaps I’ll more spiffy as my husband is and all you players out there.

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