Coke Vs Pepsi Drinks

26 Jan


My cousin started a question on her FB of “Coke or Pepsi?”  I replied with Coke. I”ve always been a coke cola fan.  Although just recently I have given up soda/pop just to be a bit healthier in life.

Anyways back to Coke Vs Pepsi, who gets your vote??


I managed to find this website online:
Then while exploring about this next site gives you the logos that Pepsi and Coke Cola has had…I thought that was pretty neat to see! Although not sure how accurate the website is but the logos were cool.


Then there’s the coke cola website:
Also Coke Cola company website:

Pepsi website:

Both websites are very colorful and graphic which is nice on the eyes and lets you want to see everything.  While I look at these websites, it takes me back to the time when I worked in the library where students has to do business reports on companies and I dare wonder if they had Coke Cola or Pepsi in there at all.  I’m pretty sure if I digger around I could the resources for that, but right now I”m a tad tired.

So who gets your vote?

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