Bound by Ink Magazine

26 Jan

Today I had to go out grocery shopping, so I managed to get the new issue of Bound by Ink.  The main reason was that for me to purchase it was to see Kelly Eden’s photographs and learn more about her.  She’s quite a talented lady!  Her artwork is amazing, I hope she has some prints to purchase somewhere. Any gal who can do amazing artwork, kicks butt in my book. I used to do some art back in high school but sadly haven’t done any since.

There are two covers for this issue: one dark cover with Kelly Eden on it and the other was a white cover with Kelly Eden on it.  I picked the white one!

Kelly Eden links:!/kelly_eden

Bound by Ink Magazine link:

This magazine lets you melt into the past, present and future art regarding to tattoos and its culture.  It gives insight about people who work in that field along with everyday people having tattoos.  The connection is tattoos.

The reason I got hooked onto this magazine is that the covered popped out at me one day while I was out and I got sucked in.  To see amazing art of tattoos about is just cool to me.  It’s all about creativity and art!  Of course having some amazing and beautiful people on the covers help!  Great magazine.  I learn quite a bit from reading the articles and viewing the art.

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