Iphone Apps take 2

24 Jan


Round 2 on iPhone Apps….

There are some social apps out there which I use Facebook App which I like but tends to be buggy sometimes I think or it takes forever to upload something.  Well all technology can’t be perfect can it now?   I do use it when I’m out and about with things and not available to my computer.  Nice way to keep in touch with people by your phone when you are on the go.

I use Twitter app with my iPhone which is very nice. I like it. I know some other people use other apps related to Twitter such as Tweetdeck and the such. Everyone has an opinion on which is better. I did use Tweetdeck on my iPhone but switched to Twitter instead because it worked much better.   Although I do use Tweetdeck on my computer.  Pretty nifty thing to have out there in the world of Twitter.  Its all about being social and making connections with people.

Then there are blogs!  I don’t know how many are out there, but I use Tumblr app for uploading pics when I’m out and about.  Sometimes what I have on my phone is different than what I have on my computer.   I do use Tumblr on my computer along with WordPress as well. We are always changing from one blog to another for even stick with one for a long time. The world has its own opinions on this.

If you are a genealogy buff like I am then I suggest you get the ancestry app.  I love this app so you can keep track of your tree or show it to family members who are interested in it.   Got to love family history and all.

Then there’s Word With Friends App which I love to use.  This app allows you play scrabble like game with other people through your phone.  You take a turn with someone else as you play!  You can play with friends or a random opponent.  Plus it gives you a notification when it is your turn.  This app is available for iPhone, IPad or even iPod Touch.  I like this game cause when I have the bit of time to come up with cool words with friends it is fun.  To me it doesn’t matter to win or lose in this game, just about having fun with others in spelling words.     Kind of geeky huh?

Doodle Sprint app –  is a game where you run, jump and roll your way.  It’s addictive! If you are in the mood for something simple to do, then this game is for you.  The graphics are easy on the eyes.

Fruit Ninja is another app that I found fascinating. A friend of mine got addicted to this when she borrowed my husband IPad.  This game is where you cut fruit up as they pop up in the air, but you have to be careful not to cross the bombs that pop up otherwise it’s game over.  The graphics are really nice -colorful too!

Shall I go on or shall I save some apps to review for another day….hrmmms…I think I will save some for later. Hope you enjoy what I typed up here.



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