Iphone Apps Take 1

24 Jan




I was thinking of a subject to write about and then it came to me iPhone Apps!  Well I have to thank my husband for this idea because he was fiddling around with a  new app and then it hit me to write about what I have on my iPhone or other people’s.

Okay to start off with an app is called Snapseed. Snapseed an a photo app!  I’ve used this app a few times. I’m still getting used to it.  It’s a pretty cool app for photograph that you taken with your phone.  You can adjust your photos with a single tap using Auto Correct.  Or you could use Selective Adjust or experiment with fun filters of Drama, Vintage, Grunge or Tilt-Shift.    It also has borders that you can put around your photos as well.  Pretty neat app. I have to give props on my hubby for this one who recommended me to get this!  I love this app.

And onto another one called Instagram.  This one is used by many people who share photos from their iPhone. I like this app because I can post pics when I’m out and about and don’t have to worry about having a camera. (even though I love my camera)  Instagram also have filtered effects and other things that you can use on your photos. You can also instant share to FB, Twitter, Flickr and so on.  This is another favorite app of mine.

Okay I need to get some sleep..more reviews later on apps!  Til then.



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