Another Dream

24 Jan



Last night I had another dream about a childhood friend of mine.  To this day I wonder where she is as I’ve tried to find her a little bit.  We knew each other from 2nd grade and then met up again in 5th grade and had been best friends up til our freshman year in high school  Once high school started, we kind of drifted apart since we were both at different high schools due to border lines of where you were suppose to go to school.

So in my dream, I was trying to track her down.  Trying to find her house that she grew up in back in Illinois.  It was strange because on the street she lived, the houses changed.  They were bigger and better than what they were in the past.  Plus there was a creek near by that has fast current, so if you feel in the creek you’d be swept away.  So in my dream I was in the street trying to find the house, then someone else that was helping me, fell in the creek but I managed to save that person as well.    Before I was in the street, I was at a school too.  Strange dream.

Now that I think about it, before finding my friend,  part of my dream was dealing with an elevator that was going up and down at this hotel and then at a mall.  Strange.

So now I wonder what my dream meant…should I try to track my friend down?  I wonder if anyone back in Illinois would help me out?




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