Websites to check out

20 Jan

This morning my husband was telling me about and how it had some cool stuff on it.  So I decided to take a peek at it.  So far there are a few t shirts that I like!  Temptation right there.  Plus they have plush toys and gadets like that…even some wall posters that are related to games and movies and the such.   This is sooo cool which I want!  (Yes I’m a geek to firefly and serenity and buffy and angel…there will be posts on that if I see something about it and such)

Pretty neat website to check out.  I”ll checking it out time to time, so should you!

Of course while I’m talking about websites, another cool website is:

They have tshirts for sale for a limited of time. Once that time is up, it’s no longer available!  Pretty cool designs on the shirts.

A few other ones if you are an avid reader or need to keep track of your books that you read? is a great place to do all this. I know this cause I’m on there and helps me keep track of my books!

There is always something online that is cool to go visit and check out once in a awhile. I figured to mention these websites for now..more to come when I go exploring the web some more.

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