Change in eating…

18 Jan

Ahh yes the brand new year of 2012 with the agenda of eating a bit healthy!  So far it has worked. I have given up drinking coke cola and heck I’ve lost weight doing that.  Yay!  Do I have a craving for it, at the moment no!  Although in the beginning it was tad hard but then I quit cold turkey.  Ta da!  So lots of water and a bit of juice and my  most recent thing is hot chocolate. 

The other thing that I haven’t been chowing down on lately is chocolate..although I miss it dearly.  The hot chocolate seems to be helping with that craving at times.  

As the eating habits change…yogurt has been a yummy thing to eat lately too.  Fruit and vegetables and protein.  Such fun to eat. 

I remember the days of eating those flavored potato chips and all, but sadly I cannot eat them anymore.  Anything with Malodextrin in it, makes me sick and I’ll be taking a lovely trip to the bathroom.  So I have to read labels for that ingredient as well as anything artificial sweeteners.  

I’m also trying to get my kids to eat healthier too.  My youngest almost devours everything as the oldest is a picky eater.  Go figure.  My husband is eating healthier too!  Yay for new things.

I’ve also gotten a new cookbook by Rachel Ray which had an amazing recipe in there that I ate and so did my kids. Yumm-o! 

More updates soon on eating and such as well.

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