Dream of Exploring

17 Jan

I had this cool dream last night. It was me and a few other people exploring the Earth underground.  We found one layer and then the next and next..was about 4 different layers. Each layers had something different to be found.  One layer was crystals everywhere, another had artifacts like a museum, and the last two had towns in it with tons of items everywhere along with rooms but all that was heard was running water and steam.  Scuba diving was in there for a second as well.  Walkie talkies to keep in touch and flashlights as well while we were exploring.   We were down there for a while and then decided to as many items as we could to take back up with us to the surface because lava was flowing near by and would eventually hit these layers so we had to get back up.

Also the dream included tons of water about as well as mentioning my Busia and my friend’s mom who had just passed away.  It was a nice calming feeling when they were mentioned there.  The water was clear blue and it wasn’t cold at all either.

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