Dancing and Burlesques

17 Jan

So after last night of watching the movie Burlesque with my husband on tv  I wanted to get back into dancing.  I’ve always been into dancing and loved it. I used to work out by dancing at night in my parent’s basement for at least an hour at times.  I miss doing that.  I even tried out for the dance group (Orchesis) in high school but never did made the team which bummed me out big time. So somehow I need to get back into it.

So I checked out Wicked Enchantments and they had two classes in February that had dance routine which I decided to go for it.  Signed up for both classes and I’m excited!

I also have Zumba dvd workout as well which I’m hoping to get into it too somehow when I’m not so busy with the kids.  Maybe try to do the workout at night?  I so do not want to get up in the morning to work out, rather get my sleep so I can function with the kids.

The movie Burlesque was a great flick. Loved the music, acting and even the costumes! Wow!  The dancing looked like fun too.  Even hubby thought Christina Aguilieria was a hottie in this flick.  The woman can sing. I did love Cher’s songs that she sang too.  Alan Cumming was in this too which was awesome.  Great cast!  Yes I am a sucker for dancing movies.  I even watch Dancing with the Stars or when PBS station shows ballroom dancing or ballet dancing.  Yes I am a geek with dancing too.

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