Golden Globe Awards & Award shows..

16 Jan

So last night I watched part of the Golden Globe awards and it was okay. Although I did think it was much better written or set up than People’s Choice Awards.  It was nice to see the movies and actors/actresses recognized for their hard work that they do.  I loved Morgan Freeman’s speech he did for his acceptance on his award.  Nicely done!

Then there was the dresses…wow!  Can I have all the ones that I liked?   There were so many cool dresses.  Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckindale, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Madonna, Claire Daines, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and the list goes on and on.  Some were sparkly and some were black and some were fun.  What would I do with all these dresses? I have no clue. Probably model them or something?  Would be nice to dress up and pose in front of a camera for some photos taken.

Yes I watch award shows time to time just to see how pop culture is going. Of course to see the clothing that people wear and such.

I did like Madonna’s comeback to Ricky Gervais!  Whoo whoo. She did it nicely done.

The People’s Choice awards was okay..the whole script and comedy didn’t really stick with me or made me thrilled about watching the show.  It was nice to see some actor/actresses recognized though!

Not much else I can think of on this topic…kind of tired today since I was outside in the snow with my kid building a snow fort!

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