Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics and more

14 Jan

Today while I was out shopping, I managed to stop at Barnes and Nobles to look for a cookbook but I also ended up looking at Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics as I caved in getting two of them.  I haven’t bought any comics for quite a while, so now the feeling is back to get addicted to it again! 🙂

Link to the comics:

I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel!  Ever since it went off the air, I’ve managed to stick with the comics time to time.  It’s amazing how BTVS and Angel just keeps going.  Joss Wheadon does an amazing job with both of these creations.  He’s one talented guy!   The man has done a variety of movies and tv series as well as comics.  Keep at it Joss!   Cannot wait for Avengers to come out.

The actors and actresses who have played in BTVS, Angel and even Firefly (Serenity) are amazing as well.  As a fan, I’m glad they are all doing well and their work has been amazing to me!

While looking around the comic section, I didn’t see any Angel comics as I was a bit bummed out but hopefully I’ll find something down the road. Maybe a trip to the local comic bookstore?  There were other comics Marvel and DC mostly. There was a comic called House of Night by PC Cast which originally was written as a book and now they have it in comics?  Wow!  Comics are everywhere.  The Revolution Comic book that I have attended to back in Mount Prospect, Illinois (  has had comics related to Supernatural, Ghost Whisper and Charmed as it seems to taken over from the lands of tv, movies, superhero’s and even movies perhaps?  Pretty spiffy to me.

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