Captel Phone to the rescue

13 Jan

So today the funeral could be heard with audio live stream from the memorial website  or you could call in on a phone. So my first idea was to use my cell phone and hamilton open caption to hear and follow on it.  Well that didn’t work so well because I couldn’t get a reception that clearly or something..probably needed a more powerful boost? Who knows?  So I thought about using the audio live stream but then I remembered I had my Captel phone!  That came in very handy!  Although the captioning was lagged and some words didn’t make out because of static or couldn’t understand the speakers but I could follow it with reading and listening carefully.  I have to admit it was hard to follow since I’m a mom of two boys who want my attention all the time or is getting into something they aren’t suppose to!  I was glad I got to hear the speakers talk of how awesome Mary Ann Lachman was truly! She will be missed. Her daughter J spoke of her as it was heartbreaking and powerful to hear.  Thank you J!  As for the rest of the family thank you as well.

If the snow didn’t come, I would surely been out there for the funeral.  Bad snow but pretty.

Hopefully two of my other friends will tell me how it went from their perspective.

To those who do not know what the Captel phone is…CapTel works like any other phone with one important difference: It shows you every word the other party says throughout the conversation.  The link below tells you more about what the Captel phone is and such.

This phone is amazing and I’m glad I have this in my life.  It makes it easier for when I get calls that are related to doctor, dentist or school.

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