12 Jan

As I found out today that a friend’s mother passed away yesterday, the shock hit me hard. I thought she was doing well from the last time I saw her.  Sadly she had been battling cancer for quite a bit of time.  She will be greatly missed.  She was a wonderful mother, wife and woman with incredible skills.  I feel sad for the family and to those who knew her.  Hope she is at peace.

Her story and link:

So obviously death is on my mind.  We all know it comes to us one way or the other.  Some can see it coming, other times you cannot see it coming.   If you see it coming, you have a sense of being prepared which I think is a good thing but a tough and emotional thing to go through as well.  To battling a long time sickness takes a toll on yourself and everyone else.  To hope for the best is always a wonderful thing.

Now on the other side when death just happens out of the blue with a huge shock to everyone basically sucks.  You aren’t prepared for it and to let your brain register of what had happened is hard.

I tend to try to think of everyone who’s passed from my life that I’ve known is having one great party and meeting old friends and family again.  That’s just me.  Everyone has a perspective on this topic.

To all the funerals I’ve been to, some were prepared and some weren’t.  To me all of them were hard in their own way.  Everyone grieves differently.  Some grieve at the moment and others it takes a while.   Some of the funerals  that I attended to made me worried of my friends and how they were dealing with the whole process.  To be there for someone else is a huge thing in my book.   Then the ones that were family related were a bit tough on myself and my own family.  I am glad that have such a great family and friends in life that were there for me.

So RIP with love to all that I know have passed.   To make each day count as you say I love you or something  between the lines for you never know what would happen.

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