Dream Log 45.0

So I had another dream last night…this time was about another high school crush of mine.  Who was very interested in me but was married.  It was really really odd. He said if things didn’t work out that we could have had hooked up.  What the odd!

Then I was in this town as zombies appeared. I kept running here and there trying to find a way to escape along with a bunch of other people I did not know. Then zombies kept going here and there.   Along with that in play, there was a wedding as well. I was part of the wedding like a planner making sure things were going the right way. I felt like I was switching back and forth between the wedding and zombies.   Eventually I managed to get out of the zombie place town and building as there was blue skies and a playground.   I remember music playing and dancing was about..candle burning and then lots of bright colored clothes too.  Totally weird dream.



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Today’s Events

So today I managed to go outside and weed…I”ve never really done that before. Got my gloves and tool and off I go.  The weeds that I attacked were very sharp itchy weeds!  So I couldn’t actually pull them with my hands, so I used the tool I had to dig up the roots a bit and try to pull it from there.  Then of course I used the tool to pull them out as well.  I worked on one side as hubby worked on the other.  His technique was more like cut them at the top than the root. hahaha   We’ll see which side comes back quicker.

I also started a new book – Slide.

I cooked up chicken/cheese quesadillas for dinner.  Hubby and I ate most of them. The kids ate about half or so, although they did devour the apples that I chopped up.

So that’s a little bit of what I did today…

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Currently Reading

Currently Reading…


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Book Update

Finished Abandon by Meg Cabot……


Currently reading…When Rose Wakes and Torrent

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Dream 3.0


Well had another dream a few days back….I was in Vampire Diaries and I was Klaus long lost love. It was a quick dream but fun.  That would be awesome for it to happen in real life hahaha  Yes I am a fan of Vampire Diaries.

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Book Basket Update



So here are the baskets I’m putting together for the silent auction. As you can see one basket is filled with six regular fiction books as the other is filled with seven Teen/Young Adult fiction books. Both baskets I’m hoping will have gift cards in them as well if anyone would like to donate those along with books! Anything and everything is welcome.

These books baskets are going to the silent auction for AGBMS/AHEI (located in Wheeling, IL) Gala event on April 29th at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago, IL. Each year the school holds this event for fundraising. They have dinner and silent auction along with raffle tickets as well. Since I’m an alumni of the school, I do my best to help out whenever I can. This year I will be attending the event since the school is honoring the founding members which include parents and my parents as well. 

So authors, bloggers, friends and publishers, help out today to make this book basket the greatest!! To those who have been helping me, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!   To those who want to help, leave me a note here! 

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Lately shopping has it’s moments with me..sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not!

Right now some of my pants are too big on me!  How..what happened?  Okay yes I had two kids..and somehow I was back in a size 8..have I gone down to size 6 or has the clothing sizes changed again or something?  I hate that one store has like size 8 as this and then go to another store and it’s either smaller than the other store.  So weird.  I think it’s how the clothes are made!

So pants and all that will be a mission of me to shop!  Then skirts..I need to get some nice skirts. Trying to find a skirt that looks decent can be a challenge too.  I don’t want one that’s too short or toooooo long.  The joys of shopping.

Bra’s!…I need new ones since I the ones I have are too big.  I don’t think I’m back to my original size nor I’m not that size I was after having children. So….must find measuring tape and figure this all out!  Bra shopping can be a pain too to shop for. Either the style doesn’t fit right or the straps or something just doesn’t click with you..too big or too small..etc.   Just gotta shop away with that.  Such fun.

I think bodies change all the time and then you have to change your clothes and etc again.  Up and down you go!

I’m glad I gave up soda.  Although my downfall is chocolate….mmm chocolate!

Okay enough ranting tonight…off to dream land…But before I go, any of you out there have this problem too?  I think we all do somehow.

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